Fee Schedule


Per Ticket and Per Order Fees

  • Group orders (10 or more tickets to one event, purchaed at once) will incur a per performance order fee of $6.00 and have NO PER TICKET FEES!
  • Single Ticket Fees are dependent upon method of ordering, and are on a sliding scale depending on the price of the ticket
  • Phone, Mail & Online fees range from $2.25 - $8.00 per ticket
  • There are minimal fees on single tickets purchased in person at the box office (under $.50 per ticket) 

Ticket Delivery Fees

  • Ticket delivery via email, mobile device, or to pick up at Will Call is FREE
  • Ticket delivery by mail will incur a $1.00 PER ORDER fee for single or group tickets.

Please note, the City of Bethlehem has implemented a 5% tax on all tickets priced above $10.00 with a cap of $2.00 per ticket. 

2021-2022 Ordering schedule