Mission Statement

Our Mission:

The mission of Zoellner Arts Center is to infuse the arts into the life of Lehigh University and the greater Lehigh Valley community by presenting high-quality multi-disciplinary programs, by fostering life-long patronage of the arts, and by integrating our educational resources to enhance our human experience.

Diversity Statement:

At Zoellner Arts Center, we are dedicated to bringing arts for all through being inclusive, diverse, equitable and accessible.

What does Inclusion mean?
Inclusion: authentic representation, empowered participation, full access, and true belonging
What does Diversity mean?
Diversity: variety, multiplicity, and intersectional.
What does Equity mean?
Equity: fairness and justice for all people.
What does Accessibility mean?
Accessibility: to be more accessible in our operations, structure, and programming

We recognize that every person, organization, and community is unique.
We listen carefully, discuss options, seek to understand and endeavor to build consensus around diversity and inclusion.
We are a trusted resource to give artists a platform through artistic expression, community outreach and arts education.
We will work with our internal and external partners to identify and rectify any blind spots through multi streams of communication.
We do not have all of the answers but we strive to use the arts to bring our community together

Vision Statement:

We envision a world where Zoellner Arts Center is a community connector; bringing together the entire Lehigh Valley.