Corporate Partnerships

We offer numerous opportunities for Lehigh Valley businesses and corporations to connect with our community. Click HERE for our Corporate Partnership Opportunities Booklet.

Contact us:
Mark Fitzgerald Wilson – Executive Director
Candi Staurinos - Director of Community Engagement & Impact

Whether its unique recognition, tickets for your employees, special access for your guests, meeting the artists, supporting Lehigh students, students of all ages, or other exciting options, our partnership opportunities can be customized to your specific needs.

The center annually supports over 200 events, including our performances, campus and community rentals, lectures, business meetings, convocations, conventions, and special events, providing services to over 55,000+ visitors from 20 counties in the Lehigh Valley, as well as from over 25 states.

Your partnership connects you to diverse Zoellner center audiences, donors, community organizations, corporate partners and other benefactors of the arts who are also enriching the region. Benefits immerse your brand in our $200,000+ annual marketing campaign, dynamic promotions, and benefits carefully designed to meet your annual goals and objectives. Each of our series attracts its own unique audience, making our constituents one of the most diverse in the region.

Our Five Core Foundations:

  1. Great performances – Love Broadway? Jazz? Classical music, dance, circus arts, pop music?

    • From up and coming creators, to cutting edge innovators, we pride ourselves in bringing popular programs with wide appeal to the best artists you’ve never heard of (but you will never forget).

    • You can help ensure that we keep bringing the best culture, performing artists, and entertainment by sponsoring a show or even a series that drives your passion.

  2. Community Education and Outreach – Interested in STEM to STEAM? Want to increase student participation in school, support ESL students, create unique access to cultural events that can’t be seen anywhere else in the valley? You can help us: Zoellner Arts Center is leading the way in collaborative partnerships that take arts education and arts integration to inspring new levels that support appreciate for the performing arts, advance multiculturalism, and arts in learning sciences, technology, engineering, math, and the humanities.

    • Subsidize tickets to underfunded schools.

    • Provide free transportation to events at the center.

    • Access to artists through workshops, or help us utilize local artists, organizations and other resources to provide in-school programs that augment experiences at the arts center.

    • Creating a deeper experience at Lehigh University by giving them access to a tour of their resources after attending a show.

  3. Accessible Arts – Great performances should be for everyone. But not everyone can always come to see us. Zoellner Arts Center wants to provide select performances that are available to those with all different special needs. Our special focus is in sensory-friendly programming for children on the autism spectrum and other sensory disorders.

    • Help us give the healing power of the arts and a special, welcoming experience for families with too few opportunities by supporting these select performances where these great kids can just be themselves – and their families can too.

  4. The Creative Campus Initiative - A principle value as an academically based arts center is to use the programming at the center and its Presenting Series as a springboard and a connector to as many different disciplines, programs and other events as possible.

    • The Creative Campus Initative, led by Zoellner Arts Center, is a campus wide endeavor using staff and faculty across every college and with many departments to create a series of interdisciplinary events, curricula, and arts center programming which will inspire students to approach creativity in different ways, to reinvent conceptions of other world-views, races, religions, current and past events, and to connect the sciences, business, engineering, and the humanities through transformative works of art.

  5. Supporting Lehigh’s commitment to the performing arts – One of the key differences of Lehigh’s students is that they are encouraged to pursue passion, creativity, and expression as musicians and performers, designers and technicians.You can help give them, as well as the incredibly talented faculty who teach here, a unique experience and state-of- the-art facility that allows them go beyond just a great education – by helping us give them their most memorable experiences.

    • Every year over 500 students perform in dozens of large and small ensembles and as soloists, as designers, directors, and composers. They do so alongside faculty and highly regarded professionals from all over the world; all while also majoring in all four colleges.

    • Lehigh is training new artists but we are also training the next generation of audiences, humanists and well-rounded leaders who will be vital is sustaining the future of art advocates and supporters.

    You can help give them, as well as the incredibly talented faculty who teach here, a unique experience and state-of- the-art facility that allows them go beyond just a great education – by helping us give them their most memorable experiences.  To see our special fundraising and benefit events click here: