Thank You For Your Support | Recognition List

We gratefully acknowledge and recognize the following alumni, friends, corporations and foundations for their generosity in supporting Zoellner Arts Center.

Leadership Funding
Victoria E. and Robert E. Zoellner ’54 15GP

Star $50,000+
Claire and Ted Diamond ’37 ’85H
Anne R. Kline ’81 and Geoffrey P. Pohanka
The Presser Foundation
Christie and Ronald J. Ulrich ’66 ’98P ’99P ’05H

Overture $25,000+
Dexter F. & Dorothy H. Baker Foundation
Marc Falato ’87
Marlene and Arnan Finkelstein ’58
Andrea and Oldrich Foucek III ’72 ’05P ’09P
Lehigh Valley Health Network
Pennsylvania Council on the Arts

Bravo $20,000 - $24,999
The Long Family Endowment for Community Outreach in the Arts
Enid M. and Michael J. Seiden ’63 ’64 

Spotlight $15,000 - $19,999
Air Products
Lorraine R. and Lewis J. Baer ’72 ’07P ’15P

Marquee $10,000 - $14,999
Astound Powered by RCN*
Capital Blue Cross
Lehigh University Libraries
Lehigh Valley Community Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts
Barbara and Harvey L. York ’67 ’94P ’98P

Ovation $7,500 - $9,999
Dr. Julia E. Klees ’82
Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation

Producer $5,000 - $7,499
W. Beall Fowler ’59 ’84P ’89P ’01P ’16GP ’F/S
Richard H. Johnson ’73G
Just Born
Lutron Electronics Company

Maestro $2,500 - $4,999
L. Joanne ’76G and Curtis H. Barnette ’99H
Stacey R. and Joseph A. Clarken III ’87
Mary and Robert D. Culver, Jr. ’66 ’95P
Carol Holben-Daniel and John L. Daniel
Anne C. and Robert J. Teufel ’59 ’91P ’16GP
Youngs Advisory Group

Artist $1,000 - $2,499
Steven and Rosalie Aaronson
John E. and Charlotte M. Collier
Janet L. and Byron D. Cook ’74
Nora A. and Mohamed S. El-Aasser ’F/S
Rebecca Dabora & Joseph J. Helble ’82 ’F/S
Marsha and Tom Hersh ’72 ’77G
Mary Ann Kelemen ’54W
Sook and Yong Kim ’F/S
Lucille McCracken ’46W ’83P
Barbara Moll ’86P ’21GP
Marian Nalitt ’84 and Devin Murphy
Roberta H. and James B. Swenson ’59 ’15GP ’17GP ’F/S
Wendy L. ’83 ’84G ’08G and David Thomson ’83 ’84G ’13P ’18P

Fellow $500 - $999
Terri A. ’77G and James A. Bartholomew
Janice Brody
Jan K. and James P. Creedon ’83 ’91G
Mary T. and John Dodds
Beverly and Thomas Eighmy
Lynne B. and Leon M.Harbold ’59 ’21GP
Judith and Stuart Oltchick ’60 ’25GP
Deborah Sacarakis
Larry A. Wehr ’70 ’70G

Patron $250 - $499
Cheryl and Frank Gunter ’F/S
Judith and Roy Haase
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Jensen
Wendy and Stephen Leshinskie
John P. Lynch ’85
Ann C. ’91G and Vincent G. Munley ’74 ’02P ’04P ’05P ’F/S
Janice and Walter E. Neely ’65
Alex P. Orlebeke ’12
Louise Seidenberger
Melody K. ’81G and Richard N. Weisman ’00P ’F/S
Lorraine S. Wiedorn ’84G ’13P ’17P ’F/S and Paul G. Wiedorn ’83 ’85G ’13P ’17P
Sandy and John Zengel

Friend $100 - $249
John Alexander
Janet L. ’76 and Joel C. Bacon ’75 ’76G
Pearl Anderson ’96G and Paul Bashus ’91G
Mary Ann C. Belchunes
Heather A. ’07 and Nathan A. Bohler ’07
Ann M. and Albert J. Bova, Jr. ’76
Timothy A. Cullen ’07
Marie E. Helmod ’81 and Kevin Dealy
Rebecca Derdiger and Corey B. Derdiger ’05 ’06 ’07G
Joan and William Easterly
Edward P. Foster ’81G
Emilie C. ’81G and Pete Heesen 
Linda and James Henry
Karen and Glen Hill
Daniel J. Honoshowsky ’96
Deborah and Thomas Keller
Barbara S. ’99G and Samson H. Lee ’87G ’97G
Roy Lehr ’73
Debbie Wesselmann-Lopresti ’F/S and Daniel Lopresti ’F/S
Lynda J. and Mark A. Miller ’81 ’13P
Catherine and Ronald D. Mordosky
Francis G. Mullane ’87G
Haley A. Robinson ’15
Dr. Dianne ’82G and Dr. John Schellenberg
Mary and Glenn Simmons
Frank R. Sobyak ’84
Shirley and John Stemler
Julia and Bruce Swan
William E. Toth
Mary Trubek
Elisa M. Wiley ’00 ’01G
Jill B. and David A. Yannarell ’83 ’93G
Christine Hughes and Daniel A. Zarrilli ’97

Supporter  < $99
Alida Ammon
Waiyip A. Auyeung ’00 ’02G
Audrey ’99 and Andrew Barker
Darin Barron
Suzanne E. Ibbeken and Curt K. Burmeister ’25P
Kim Burton ’26P and Charles G. Burton ’92 ’26P
Wayne Campbell
Rebecca Carter
Dr. Kristin L. Cody
Clementine Colon
Louis Consiglio
Cindy L. ’20P ’23P and Walter Conway ’95G ’20P ’23P ’F/S
Shirley and William Ellsworth
Karen Fabio
Barrett E. Frankel ’02 ’03
Diane French
Taneisha Gary
Jeffrey Hawk
Catherine Hickson
Claire ’87G and Robert Hintze
Alison Holliday
Thomas Hunt
Janet Jackson
Matthew L. Kearns ’78
Nadine M. Kennedy ’86
Cynthia and Gregory Kerr ’09P
Patricia Kvochak
Hannah Leckey
Christina Lewis
Caitlin Linsenmann
David Litzenberger
Lorna Locascio
Mr. Daniel Melvin
Pramilla Mukherjee
Lori A. Murphy ’90
Debra Ott
Marigny Pellot
Mary Pickering
A. Mark Rentschler
Michele Sanzo-Laski
Cathy Schlack
Seth A. Schran ’01
Carl J. Sutphen
Patricia L. Trowbridge
Albert K. Tu ‘00
Lynn A. Keefer-Vogel and Robert A. Vogel ’16P ’23P
Yesim Vural
Sonja and Clint Walker
Winnifred Warren ’24P
Judith O. Pennington and Steven H. Weintraub ’F/S
Debra and Andrew Winter

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