Thank You For Your Support | Recognition List

We gratefully acknowledge and recognize the following alumni, friends, corporations and foundations for their generosity in supporting Zoellner Arts Center.

Leadership Funding
Victoria E. and Robert E. Zoellner ’54 15GP

Overture $25,000 - $49,999
Claire and Ted Diamond ’37 ’85H
Lehigh Valley Health Network
The Presser Foundation

Bravo $20,000 - $24,999
The Long Family Endowment for Community Outreach in the Arts
Pennsylvania Council on the Arts
Anne R. Kline '81 and Geoffrey P. Pohanka 

Spotlight $15,000 - $19,999
Air Products
Lehigh Valley Community Foundation

Marquee $10,000 - $14,999
Astound Powered by RCN*
Marc Falato '87
Andrea and Oldrich Foucek III '72 '05P '09P
Brenda and John McGlade '76 '81G
Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation
PPL Electric Utilities
Barbara and Harvey L. York '67 '94P '98P 

Ovation $7,500 - $9,999 
Richard H. Johnson '73G 

Producer $5,000 - $7,499
Marlene and Arnan Finkelstein '58
Just Born
National Endowment for the Arts
Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission
Enid M. and Michael J. Seiden '63 '64

Maestro $2,500 - $4,999
Mary and Robert D. Culver, Jr. ’66 ’95P
Diane and Robert C. Gerlach '70
PA Humanities 
LuAnn and Richard W. Silberg '81 '82G 
Anne and Bob Teufel '59 
Anastasia M. '92 and William J. Tronoski '92

Artist $1,000 - $2,499
Steven and Rosalie Aaronson 
John E. and Charlotte M. Collier 
Janet L. and Byron D. Cook ’74
John L. Daniel '60 '61G '89P '19GP
Nora A. and Mohamed S. El-Aasser ’F/S
Rebecca Dabora and Joseph J. Helble '82 'F/S
Marsha and Tom Hersh ’72 ’77G
Barbara Moll ’86P ’21GP 
Judith and Stuart Oltchick '60 '25GP 
Sally and Ray Reusser '67G
Wendy L. ’83 ’84G ’08G and David Thomson ’83 ’84G ’13P ’18P

Fellow $500 - $999
John Alexander 
Jan Brody
Jan and James P. Creedon '83 '91G 
Mary T. and John Dodds 
Michelle V. and James J. Duane III '73 '04P '06P '06PG 
Beverly and Thomas Eighmy '23GP
Lynne B. and Leon M. Harbold ’59 ’21GP
Michele A. McGrath '96G
Deborah Sacarakis 'F/S
Roberta H. and James B. Swenson '59 '15GP '17GP 'F/S 
Larry A. Wehr ’70 ’70G

Patron $250 - $499
Terri A. '77G and James A. Bartholomew 
Joseph Clarken 
Joan Cole '95. 
Roy and Judith Haase
Ann C. ’91G and Vincent G. Munley ’74 ’02P ’04P ’05P ’F/S
Melody K. ’81G and Richard N. Weisman ’00P ’F/S

Friend $100 - $249
Janet L. '76 and Joel C. Bacon '75 '76G 
Pearl Anderson '96G and Paul Bashus '91G 
Michael R. Carbonetta '04 
Joan and Bill Easterly
Phyllis T. '85G and Ellis Finger 
Edward P. Foster '81G 
Dennis Gruver 
Emilie C. '81G and Pete Heesen 
Larry Heimbech 
Marie E. Helmold '81 
James and Linda Henry 
Glen and Karen Hill 
Daniel J. Honoshowsky '96 
Roy M. Lehr '73G 
Christina Lewis 
Daniel Lopresti 'F/S and Debbie Wesselmann 
John P. Lynch '85 
David A. Martin '80G 
Tanya and D. John McAusland '88 '26P 
Lynda J. and Mark A. Miller '81 '13P 
Catherine and Ronald D. Mordosky 
William H. Oldach III '84 
Tracey L. Steele '27P and Mark A. Patten '90 '27P 
Mary Beth and Thomas Pavlo 
Deborah Prince 
Barbara and Michael Reiniger 
Mary Jean A. Russo '88G '93G 'F/S 
Dr. Dianne '82 and Dr. John Schellenberg 
Martin Q. Selzer '83 
Lynne and Mark Shampain 
Maryann R. Shegelski '98 
Ayuko and Steven J. Siegel '16P 
Glenn and Mary Simmons 
John Stemler 
William E. Toth 
Jill B. and David A. Yannarell '83 '93G 
John and Sandy Zengel 

Supporter  < $99
Fred and Mandi D. Alford 'F/S 
Mark Andrews 
Jayson and Nurit Baron 
Bryan Bennett 
Dr. Elizabeth P. Butler and Dr. Stephen J. Bennison 
Heather A. '07 and Nathan A. Bohler '07 
Kara Coleman 
Cynthia Cressman 
Amy R. Heard and John W. Davison '25P 
Connie Deckman 
Linda Dicker '77G 
Michael Edmonds 
Coleen Finelli 
Barrett E. Frankel '02 '03 
Martha Franklin 
Nancy Gorczynski 
Maryann S. Gross '15G 
Mary D. Hanisch 
Martha Hatchett 
John E. Idenden, Jr. '69 '70 
Linda Johnson 
Matthew L. Kearns '78 
Denise Kennedy 
Shirley Khabbaz 
Stanley F. Kobylarz '73 
K. Michelle Kostem '68G 
Ricky LaDuca 
Kathryn and David M. Leber 
Elizabeth L. Lemke '78 
Jennifer Liu 
Dennis Livrone 
Adam M. Lupinacci '06 
Alphonse and Martha Maffeo 
Margaret McNamara 
Kristen Mesa 
Edwena Miller 
Stephanie Moffett 
Lori A. Murphy '90 
Loretta Nemchik 
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Noel, III '74 
Bethanne G. '87 and Patrick B. Nolan '87 
Paul O'Grady 
Richard Oppenheimer 
Kathy Osmond 
Debra A. Ott 
Janine Palazzo 
Todd Patterson 'F/S 
Kristin C. Perry '93 
Missy Petroski 
Ruth H. '79 and John Plucinski '11P 
Catherine Y. Preysner '16 
Jamie A. '92 and Michael Principe '25P 
Robert Reiner 
A. Mark Rentschler 
Dale Roadcap 
George Roesser 
Wendy and Anthony J. Rotondo '91G 
Michele L. and Rex R. Schultz '91 
Gary W. Simmons 'F/S 
Judith O. Pennington and Steven H. Weintraub 'F/S 
Jonathan Weisenberger 
Mary Ellen Werkheiser 
Rosemarie Wertman 
Tracy and Liam A. Wilkinson '17P 
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Winter 
Christine Hughes & Daniel A. Zarrilli '97

*Trade Partner
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