Thank You For Your Support | Recognition List

We gratefully acknowledge and recognize the following alumni, friends, corporations and foundations for their generosity in supporting Zoellner Arts Center.

Leadership Funding
Victoria E. and Robert E.^ Zoellner ’54 14GP

Overture $25,000+
Anne R. Kline ’81 and Geoffrey P. Pohanka

Bravo $20,000 - $24,999
The Long Family Endowment for Community Outreach in the Arts

Spotlight $15,000 - $19,999
Air Products
The Presser Foundation

Marquee $10,000 - $14,999
Claire Diamond ’37W
Marc Falato ’87   Click here to read a donor spotlight
Brenda and John McGlade ’76 ’81G
Barbara and Harvey L. York ’67 ’94P ’98P


Producer $5,000 - $7,499
Lorraine R. and Lewis J. Baer ’72 ’07P ’15P
Jennifer and Alan G. Bozian ’75
Valerie Johnson and Patrick V. Farrell ’F/S
Ruth H. ’68G and L. Charles Marcon
PPL Electric Utilities

Maestro $2,500 - $4,999
L. Joanne '76G and Curtis H. Barnette ’99H
Stacey R. and Joseph A. Clarken III ’87
Jan and James Creedon
Mary and Robert D. Culver, Jr. ’66 ’95P
Carol H.^ & John L. Daniel ’60 ’61G ’89P ’19GP
Just Born
Peggy W. Hobbs^
Keystone Savings Foundation
Lehigh Valley Community Foundation
Anne S. 'F/S and Peter Meltzer
Pennsylvania Council on the Arts
Newel Art Galleries, Inc.
LuAnn and Richard W. Silberg ’81 ’82G
Anne C. and Robert J. Teufel ’59 ’91P ’16GP

Artist $1,000 - $2,499
Steven and Rosalie Aaronson
Joan E. and Bobb Carson ’F/S
Phillip J. Clauser ’76 ’02 ’F/S
John E. and Charlotte M. Collier
Janet L. and Byron D. Cook ’74
Nora A. and Mohamed S. El-Aasser ’F/S
Dr. Rebecca Miller and Dr. Robert A. Flowers II ’91G ’F/S
Andrea and Oldrich Foucek III ’72 ’05P ’09P
Diane and Robert C. Gerlach ’70
Marsha and Tom Hersh ’72 ’77G
Yong and Sook Kim
Dr. Julia E. Klees ’82
Lutron Electronics Company
Lucille McCracken '46W '83P
Judith and Paul K. Seibert ’63 ’93P
Roberta H. and James B. Swenson ’59 ’15GP ’17GP ’F/S
Youngs Advisory Group

Fellow $500 - $999
Terri A. ’77G and James A. Bartholomew
Amanda A. Burlingame-Grainger ’96
Mary T. and John Dodds
Michelle V. and James J. Duane III ’73 ’04P ’06P
Nikola and Todd M. Freeman ’82 ’15P
Leon M. Harbold ’59
Richard H. Johnson '73G
Mary Ann Kelemen '54W
Jane C. King
Ann C. ’91G and Vincent G. Munley ’74 ’02P ’04P ’05P ’F/S
Barbara Moll ’86P ’21GP
Stuart Oltchick ’60
Tanya C. and Kristian M. Ording ’00
Karen G. Shihadeh Schaufeld '83 and Fredrick D. Schaufeld '81 '15P '17P
Martin Q. Selzer '83

Patron $250 - $499
Joan Cole ’95
Jenn Jaynes and Troy E. Daniels ’90
Benjamin I. Freed ’00
Bob A. Geremia ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Jensen
Renee B. ’94G and J. Patrick Kleaveland
Deborah Sacarakis ’F/S
Larry A. Wehr ’70 ’70G
Melody K. '81G and Richard N. Weisman ’00P ’F/S

Friend $100 - $249
Susan Alderson
Amy E. Wagner Anzilotti ’90
Karen L. and Thomas W. Bailey ’81 ’13P
Pearl Anderson ’96G and Paul Bashus ’91G
Patricia W. and Sandford T. Beldon
James G. Carns III ’55
Marianne Chabot
Maryellen Cox
Beverly and Thomas Eighmy
Phyllis T. Finger ’85G
Edward P. Foster ’81G
Marlene M. Frew
Hope W. Harrison ’F/S
Karen and Glen Hill
Dianne and Penn Holsenbeck
Dzintra Kalnins
Maria and Jacob Kazakia ’72G ’07P ’F/S
Deborah and Thomas Keller
Ken Malagiere
Colleen H. ’99 and Christopher V. Marshall ’88 ’18P
Lynda J. and Mark A. Miller ’81 ’13P
Carolyn Mitchell
Catherine and Ronald D. Mordosky
Francis G. Mullane ’87G
Marian J. Nalitt ’84 and Devin Murphy
Janet and Robert Nearhood ’09P
Suzan R. and Martin H. Neidell ’68
Debra Noller Pineiro
Deborah Prince
Sandra Nye
Michael Orlic
Luc Kuykens and Leslie Roessler
Dr. Dianne ’82G and Dr. John Schellenberg
Mary and Daniel Shumeyko, Jr. ’67
Judith C. Siegfried ’76G
Gary W. Simmons ’F/S
Kelly B. ’F/S and Andrew L. Stazi
William E. Toth
Nathaniel N. Urban ’F/S
Lynn Berkowitz and Robert R. Wedge
Lu Xu
Jill B. and David A. Yannarell ’83 ’93G
Peter W. Yenawine
Lynne E. Hoxie ’99G and Peter K. Zeitler ’10P ’F/S

Supporter  < $99
Audrey '99 and Andrew Barker
Gladys Basila
Mary Ann C. Belchunes
Heather A. ’07 and Nathan A. Bohler ’07
Scott M. Brody ’22P
Cindy L. and Walter Conway ’95G ’20P ’F/S
Eileen and Robert S. Cortright ’79 ’81G
Cynthia Cressman
Caroline J. Davis
Shelley E. Drozd ’F/S
Maria S. Ely
Velma Floyd
Janice Forbes
Barrett E. Frankel ’02 ’03
Harry Freebairn
Joel M. Hoffman
Melanie Johnson
Michelle A. and Timothy R. Kearney ’92G
Juliana N. Kilgore ’24
Brett V. Kuehner
Bonny Lenz
Tara M. Lucas
Deirdre T. '83 and Richard F. Malacrea, Jr. '15P
Mary S. Mesaros '92G
Kimberly Moncman
Shannon Morris
Maria Theresa R. and Caesar Alan M. Ocampo '22P
George Petrole
Edward J. Piorkowski
Duff Pacifico-Prescott and Robert T. Prescott '20P
Bob Schaffer
Seth A. Schran '01
Mary Selman
Luciana Silva-Moll
Ardeth M. and Bruce M. Smackey 'F/S
Mariya D. Soroka
Michelle G. and Marc Sottlile ’25P
Bruce and Julia Swan
Christine Triffon '24P
Ahriel Tyson
Eddison G. Ugaddan ’18
Martha Van Kouwenberg
Winnifred Warren '24P
Sarah Wascura '14G
Steven H. Weintraub 'F/S
Howard R. Whitcomb '63G 'F/S
Gisela Wintner
Helma Young
Sandy and John Zengel

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