As we look for new ways to engage in the arts, we are pleased to continue our Spotlight series that features the artistic talents of Lehigh University students, faculty and staff.  We presented 24 popular videos during the 2020-2021 virtual season. Our twenty-sixth session showcases Elysium, a composition by Professor Steven Sametz with violins, voice and text by Emily Dickinson. 

Sage Lutton
Vocalist, The Princeton Singers

Dr. Michael Jorgensen
Professor of Practice, Lehigh University Music Department
Sharon Fischer
Artist Affiliate, Lehigh University Music Department
Elysium By Emily Dickinson
Elysium, Elysium is as far as to the very nearest room
If in that room a friend await, felicity or doom
What fortitude the soul contains
That it can so endure the accent of a coming foot
The op'ning of a door Elysium!
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