Bella Gaia: Beautiful Earth

  • Presenting Series
Fri, 02/28/2025 - 7:30pm
Baker Hall
$35/$25 | Free for LU Students

Bella Gaia is a revolutionary NASA-powered immersive experience. Inspired by astronauts' life-changing views of Earth from space, this live concert seamlessly integrates music, dance, technology, and NASA imagery, turning the stage into a planetary spectacle. Combining supercomputer data visualizations, orbital views, and live performances, Bella Gaia creates a sublime and "Out of This World" experience. This award-winning production explores the interconnectedness of humanity and the Living Universe, celebrating cultural evolution and addressing the impact of the Anthropogenic Age. Crafted by director-composer Kenji Williams, Bella Gaia authentically replicates the transformative Overview Effect*, providing audiences with an emotionally charged perspective on Earth. This neuroscience-driven experience evokes a profound response, instilling a reason to care for our fragile planet. Click HERE for artist's website. LU Students attend for FREE, click for more info. 

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