National Geographic Live: View From Above with Terry Virts, NASA Astronaut

  • Guest Artist
Sun, 10/27/2019 - 4:00pm
| Baker Hall |

SPEAKER SERIES: Former International Space Station Commander Terry Virts helped to install the outpost’s 360-degree observation module—and made good use of it, taking hours of video and hundreds of thousands of still images, which he shares in a first-hand account. Click HERE for artist's website.  LU Undergraduates attend for FREE, click for more info. Photo by Terry Virts

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This is a for Lehigh students. Be sure to arrive early and hear from Lehigh University's own astronaut, Professor Terry Hart, when he introduces the speaker. 

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With Support From Lehigh University Visiting Lecturers Committee

CURTAIN WARMER | Pre-show Introduction: Be sure to arrive on time and hear Lehigh University’s own astronaut, Professor Terry Hart, introduce the speaker. Hart was aboard NASA’s 11th Challenger space shuttle mission in 1984.

In the News: 

One More Orbit: At 12:12 UTC on July 11, 2019, Astronaut Terry Virts and Action Aviation Chairman Hamish Harding made history by completing the fastest ever circumnavigation of the Earth via both the North and South Poles in a time of 46 hours and 40 minutes, at an average speed of 465 knots (or 535 mph or 861 km/h). The world record attempt, achieved in a Qatar Executive Gulfstream G650ER aircraft, was called One More Orbit in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.